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Let's start!

Using of XmlAutoComplete control is super simple! For a quick start I recommend you to have a look into a testing project where are 2 demo XSD files provided (one simple, one complex) so you can see immediately how XmlAutoComplete works. Just download \Bin and \DemoFiles folder and run Testing.exe.

If you don't want to play with a demo and use it straight away, just follow these steps:
  • In your project, add a reference to the XmlAutoComplete.dll
  • Open a XAML file where you want to add XmlAutoComplete and append this namespace so you can access it from the XAML later:
  • Once you set this namespace use it later in the same XAML as:
<auto:SuggestionTextBox x:Name="suggestion" />
  • or you can provide an options as well:
<auto:SuggestionTextBox x:Name="suggestion" ElementAutoComplete="True" AppendNamespace="False"/>
  • after you defined XmlAutoComplete in a XAML, go to the code and attach an XSD file by using XsdParser class:
using XmlAutoComplete;
suggestion.Parser = new XsdParser("yourSchema.xsd");
  • To clear all text use:
  • To get a text that is already written in the control, use property Text:

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